Small Restaurant – Huge Inspiration: Stylish and Functional Design Ideas

February 28, 2018

Most of us enter new business ventures with a touch of caution. That, combined with limited finances usually reminds us not to take a bite too big and thus we choose to start a small business. If it is a restaurant you want to run, you know that your location is almost more important than

Top Safety and General Travel Tips for Students

February 26, 2018

Studying abroad is becoming a very popular choice among students of all ages. There are a growing number of programs that let students take courses for usually between a semester to a year at a foreign university. Some programs even offer a “semester at sea” where classes are taught on a ship that takes students

Traveling Abroad – Things You Need to Prepare for a Safe Journey

February 22, 2018

Many people go through their life never being lucky enough to travel abroad. If you’re one of the fortunate, there are many things to consider before you leave. Be sure to follow these top five tips when planning your trip overseas to ensure your holiday is all you dream it to be! Documents When planning